Friday, July 31, 2015


NEEM CAKE is an organic soil amendment that is not toxic to birds and beneficial insects.  It also protects crops from over 200 crop-eating pests. 

NEEM CAKE is the Neem Seed meal obtained as residue of extracting Neem Oil from Neem Seeds.  Neem Cake is a potent antifungal, anti-parasitic pest repellent, soil conditioner and organic manure.  It contains high concentrations of Azadirachtin and is used in agriculture, horticulture, floriculture and the turf industry as an organic fertiliser.

NEEM CAKE, used as an organic manure, is forked, dug or ploughed into the soil, where it gives protection to plant roots against attack from nematodes, termites and white ants.  Neem cake functions as a:

  • soil-conditioner (fortification): Supplies vital micronutrients (including NPK) to the soil, 
  • soil-rejuvenator (enhancement)
  • soil-protector (pest control): effectively controls termites, fungus, nematodes, ants, harmful bacteria and other pests in the soil.
  • plant strengthener:  it strengthens the immunity of plants and increases a plant’s resistance to pests

  ü Neem Cake lowers nitrogen loss in soil 
              üNeem Cake increases leaf lifespan, plant growth and flower blossoming.
  ü Neem Cake strengthens plant roots and protects them from nematodes, white ants and other soil insects.
  ü Neem Cake improves the general appearance of flowers, fruits & vegetables.
  ü Neem Cake is a complete organic plant food that increases productivity and soil fertility.
  ü Neem Cake accelerates root development and overall plant growth.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT- Azadirachtin is the most active ingredient in Neem Cake.  It reduces insect feeding, and acts as an insecticide and repellant.  It also arrests the metamorphosis of insects at all stages- egg, caterpillar, pupae and adulthood. For example, Azadirachtin interferes with insect hormone systems, making it harder for insects to grow and lay eggs.   Azadirachtin can also repel and reduce the feeding of nematodes.

For plots of 10 to 15 sq. metre: 
1. Apply 1 kg of Neem Cake.
2. Plough the Neem Cake thoroughly into the soil to a depth of 6 inches on the planting area.
3. Thoroughly drench the Neem Cake soil mixed area with water just before planting.

For Pots: 1 Tablespoon can be mixed in the potting soil per pot.

For established seedlings and plants: place neem cake around the base of plants (about 4 inches radius from the center of the plant).  Water as usual.

Neem Cake can be safely stored in cool dry place. Please avoid storing in moist or damp areas.

Termite damage occurs mainly on soils very low in organic matter content.  Adding neem cake and compost to the soil helps to increase the organic matter in the soil, fortifies the soil and creates an environment that termites avoid.
After integrating the neem cake and compost into the soil, the beds need to be watered twice daily for two weeks prior to planting to release the active ingredients in the neem cakecake for the soil to absorb- this will rejuvenate the soil and boost its nutrient content.


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